Robert Plant on Led Zeppelin & Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott: “He was making such a bloody noise” – 2022

Los Angeles Times: Robert Plant can still hit the falsetto of Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song,” but he has no desire to return to Led Zeppelin. While the iconic rock singer doesn’t warm up his voice, he shared what happened when he came across Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott backstage.

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On Vocal Exercises & Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott:

Robert Plant:

I don’t. I just go out and sing. I know a guy from a famous band that Alison’s quite friendly with — he’s gonna pour some sugar on me or something — who creates a complete hullabaloo backstage. I was back there one time, and he was making such a bloody noise. I said, “Why are you doing that?” He said, “I’m warming up.” I said, “Well, you won’t have anything left by the time you get there.”

A voice changes over time.

I know that the full, open-throated falsetto that I was able to concoct in 1968 carried me through until I was tired of it. Then that sort of exaggerated personality of vocal performance morphed and went somewhere else. But as a matter of fact, I was playing in Reykjavík, in Iceland, about three years ago, just before COVID. It was Midsummer Night and there was a festival, and I got my band and I said, “OK, let’s do ‘Immigrant Song.’” They’d never done it before. We just hit it, and bang — there it was. I thought, “Oh, I didn’t think I could still do that.”

Plenty of fans would love to hear you do it with Led Zeppelin.

Going back to the font to get some kind of massive applause — it doesn’t really satisfy my need to be stimulated.

Does that make you feel like an outlier among your classic-rock peers?

I know there are people from my generation who don’t want to stay home and so they go out and play. If they’re enjoying it and doing what they need to do to pass the days, then that’s their business, really.

You can read the entire feature @ this location.