Red Hot Chili Peppers on Howard Stern 2022 – Highlights – VIDEO – Interview – Flea, Anthony Kiedis, John Frusciante, Chad Smith

Stern Show: Red Hot Chili Peppers join the Stern Show to perform LIVE from the SiriusXM Garage in L.A.

“What made you ready to come back for this album?” Howard wondered.

“It’s a certain amount of soul searching that I’d done. It seemed like I had changed and grown enough as a person to where it felt like it would be a beautiful thing to have another chance to do it right,” John Frusciante told him.

“You’ve got to be in sync with four people,” he continued. “It’s an intense thing to do, and I’ve found for myself I’ve needed to clear my head of it, and figure out who I am as a person, and I’ve really wanted to have that closeness and interaction again.”

“John seems to be that catalyst, that guy who makes you guys elevate your game,” Howard told the band. “Every time John is in the band, the band just seems like it goes to a certain level.”

“He’s more than a catalyst,” Kiedis said. “He’s our brother. He’s our family. I think just being around him and seeing how much he pours into what he does is infections, it’s contagious, it’s inspiring.”

Howard wondered if it had been easy for Chad, Anthony, and Flea to welcome John into the fold for the third time.

“There was definitely something in the air because without knowing John wanted to come back and without knowing Flea had interactions with John musically, suddenly I felt overwhelmed with the feeling: ‘How do we get John back?’” Anthony said, adding. “I was shocked when Flea told me that John was interested, and he had been playing with John.”

“There were no hard feelings. There were no resentments. There were no regrets,” Kiedis made a point of adding. “It was time for a change.”