Ratt’s Warren DeMartini is Working on NEW MUSIC: “It’s probably going to be a solo effort” – 2022

Guitar World: Are you working on new music or planning to tour?

Warren DeMartini:

“Yes. I’m working on music all the time, but it’s hard to pin down when that’ll be ready. I have a lot of material, and it’s going to be completed when it’s completed. And at some point, if I live long enough, it’s probably going to be a solo effort, but I’m in no rush to put it out.

“As for touring, I love it. I’ve done that on and off for 35 years, so I don’t mind not being part of that world right now. I’ve been doing Kings of Chaos with Gilby Clarke, Matt Sorum, Kenny Aronoff and James Lorenzo. We do gigs once in a while, and there’s always three singers.

“The last gig we did featured Dee Snider, Ann Wilson and Billy Gibbons. That was a lot of fun. I do get out and play live, but no actual tours recently. It’s so hard these days with everything going on – there’s Covid and all. I think it’s better to wait for things to calm down out there.”

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