RATT Drummer Bobby Blotzer’s VERY COOL ’80s Timeline – 2022

Bobby Blotzer:

❤️❤️❤️ I’m a ’60s, ’70s kid, but I was there the whole ride when you guys were 10-20 years behind me. I loved the ’80s.

  • My marriage to Jeni April 12th, 1980

  • My first son Michael February 11th, 1982

  • Join up with Ratt March 12th, 1982

  • RATT signed to Atlantic July 27, 1983, after we play Beverly Theatre.

  • My 2nd Son Marcus August 16th, 1983

  • We go in and demo 3 songs with Ratt producer Beau Hill August 25-27

  • Ratt starts recording Out of the Cellar Sept 10, 1983

  • Bobby and Juan argue about gas money getting to and from studio in Santa Monica from South Bay, 18 miles each way.

  • Gas was $.57 a gallon. 🤷‍♂️🙄

  • Finish Out of the Cellar Oct 27, 1983

  • Still out of gas. 🫣

  • Finally get our splits from a 7-record $20,000,000 record deal.

  • Buy Gas! Still using this kind of ☎️

  • Feb/ 1984-ish, Out of the Cellar comes out, we leave on tour.

  • Can’t afford gas for tour bus, we come back home!! (just kiddin’)

  • 225 shows later, my kids started crawling/walkin. I come home not knowing what city I’m in 🫢.

  • Multi-millions in bank. Buy house, cars for us and mom.

  • Gas has risen to a staggering $.60 a gallon, out of gas again!!!
    ❤️ you and the ’80s
    Sep 2022 complete gas costs $5.65 a gallon. Missing ’60s-’70s-’80s-’90s bad.