Photographer Mark Weiss: 1989 Outtake for Skid Row Debut Album & Sebastian Bach’s “Youth Gone Wild” Tattoo Story – 2022

Mark Weiss: June 10, 1989, Skid Row released “Youth Gone Wild” This was an outtake from the promotion shoot I did for their debut album SKID ROW.

Sebastian Bach told Guitar World that he latched onto the anthemic impact of the song before anybody else did.

Sebastian Bach:

“When Skid Row wanted me to join the band, they sent me a cassette with a bunch of songs on it and that song was probably my favorite. When I joined the band, I got the tattoo of ‘Youth Gone Wild’ on my arm before we had a record deal, before we had a manager. I got ‘Youth Gone Wild’ tattooed on my arm when we were a club band. I believed in that song with all my heart before anybody else did that I know about.”

“A lot of people think I got that tattoo after we had sold a million copies of the record. I got it when we were completely unknown, when nobody knew that song. That’s when I got it.”

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