Pete Way Visits Gravesite of Brian Jones @ Cheltenham Cemetery – The Rolling Stones

There were spooky happenings at Cheltenham’s cemetery when Pete Way and band member, Jason Poole, went to visit the grave of former Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones.

Pete Way, who purports to be sensitive to such psychic ability was apparently talking to Brian when this selfie was taken by Poole. “I was checking the images when I saw what looked very much like a beam of light but it wasn’t in the right context. That can’t be explained. I look like I’m in another photo.”

Way explains “I often go there to pay my respects. The Stones are, to me, the greatest band ever. Brian was there in the beginning, started it and made it possible. Where would we be without Mick and Keith? I suffer from the unusual ability to pick up vibes, both good and bad, and it can sometimes be a real burden. But I felt like I was his friend despite never meeting him. That day I had a complete inner peace wash over me. I knew I was in the presence of greatness.”

Cheltenham Cemetery, United Kingdom