Noel Gallagher on X Factor Italy in Milan, Liam Responds

Noel Gallagher performed two songs on tonight’s episode (11/30) of X Factor Italy in Milan. Footage of the performance can be viewed below (for now).

Don’t Look Back in Anger (semi-acoustic)
Holy Mountain (lip sync)
short interview

Following the performance, it didn’t take long for Noel’s brother Liam to voice his disapproval:

Liam Gallagher:
“I wanna congratulate rkid on his performance on X factor tnight it’s a yes from me as you were LG x”

Soon after, Liam posted a follow-up message:

Liam Gallagher:
“Not a fucking peep from the uk press bout the creepy 1 embarrassing himself on X factor wonder what is mate WELLARD thinks bout it LG x”