MXR Octavio Fuzz Guitar Pedal

Jim Dunlop: What’s your favorite octave up fuzz track?

Chances are, it was recorded with an Octavio Fuzz pedal. Made famous by Jimi Hendrix, the Octavio Fuzz sound and its touch-responsive saturation continue to be employed by modern players across genres.

For the first time ever, that iconic effect has joined the MXR standard line. Explore the furthest reaches of silicon saturation in a trusted vessel. Get yourself an MXR Octavio Fuzz.

The Octavio fuzz pedal is infamous for contributing to Jimi Hendrix’s signature, incendiary lead tone. The silicon saturation and octave-up behavior of the pedal adds a wash of vibrant upper-harmonic content to the signal for a scorching, synth-like sound that’s unlike any other fuzz effect. Joining the MXR standard line for the first time, the Octavio is rehoused in an ultra-sturdy metal chassis. Its simple two-knob design belies its wide-ranging capacity for shaping tones. The power of the Octavio lies in its interaction with electronics, and, depending on your guitar and amp settings, it can become a completely different monster: warm and wooly, bright and brash, sludgy and droning and so much more.

MXR Octavio Fuzz Pedal Features:
-Unique octave-up fuzz pedal made famous by Jimi Hendrix
-Adds a wash of vibrant upper harmonics to the fuzz signal
-Simple two-knob design contains a huge range of tone-shaping possibilities
-Equipped with an On/Bypass LED indicator and AC power jack
-Housed in a rugged all-metal chassis