MTV’s “The Lost Weekend With Van Halen” – The full in bloom Chronicles

Rip Magazine: On this day in 1984, a lucky bastard named Kurt Jefferis spent an entire weekend with Van Halen as the winner of MTV’s “The Lost Weekend With Van Halen” contest. Before the weekend began, Diamond Dave was quoted as saying “He won’t know what will happen. And when it’s over, he probably won’t be able to remember it anyway.” Not surprisingly, Jefferis reported that the weekend was completely off the hook. MTV aired as much of the footage as they could, although much of it had to be edited for obvious reasons. The event is considered to be one of MTV’s greatest promotional triumphs, and it played a major role in the early success of MCMLXXXIV.

Here’s a full in bloom interview excerpt where photographer Mark Weiss (who was there) talks about his experience.

Lost Weekend Docoumentary

Van Halen – “MTV’s Lost Weekend With Van Halen” + Outtakes