Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx: “Our fans have waited almost 3 years for this tour…We’re not here to take Fn’ selfies” – 2022

Nikki Sixx:

It’s been exhausting trying to explain to people why we can’t have guests backstage. Our fans have waited almost 3 years for this tour. If one of us got Covid and had to cancel the show, can you imagine the disappointment? We’re not here to take fucking selfies. This is for the fans.

Tommy Lee:

Thanks for typing that out, Sixx!!! I’ll leave this right here also cause I’m feelin the same…. P.s I fucking hate selfies and taking pictures in general!!!

Motley fan Teresa Marquez:

So I’m just clarifying..are the meet n greets canceled? Or is it that other guests are not allowed?
I bought a meet n greet for San Diego like FOREVER ago..❤️

Nikki Sixx:

I am just saying random people or even friends. We are staying in our bubble for safety and when we do meet greets they are done per our covid protocols to keep it safe. 👍🏽