Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx: “Andy McCoy has been on a rant saying I never thanked him for saving my life” – 2022 – Hanoi Rocks

Nikki Sixx:

Andy McCoy has been on a rant saying I never thanked him for saving my life after a heroin overdose. It’s true. I also never thanked him for getting me the drug’s during my deadly addiction that night..I get it, he’s just trying to sell a book, an album or club tour…

During a recent interview with IndiePower, Hanoi Rocks guitarist Andy McCoy said the following about Nikki:

Andy McCoy:

“I’m not a farm boy like Nikki Sixx; I’m from the inner city. And I can’t stand bullshit — like his books; [they’re] full of lies. I saved the guy’s life,” he added, apparently touching upon a time when he supposedly revived Sixx after a heroin overdose. “And he makes up stories.”

Referring to another one of Sixx’s tales — of supposedly getting pummeled with a baseball bat on the floor of a London dealer’s flat after another overdose — Andy said: “I mean, I used to play baseball. You think someone would survive if I [hit] him with a baseball bat? Hell no! Hell no, man.”

Circling back to the time when he “saved” Nikki’s life, Andy said: “I fucking got him revived, got his heart beating again. And the thank you I’ve gotten has been ‘de nada’. I mean, de nada,” he reiterated, using the Spanish phrase for “it’s nothing.” “And that makes him a second-class citizen in my eyes. ‘Cause he only thinks about the buck.”