Motley Crue: Tommy Lee’s House Burglarized and Trashed – 2022 – Calabasas Home For Sale

Tommy Lee’s Calabasas Home Burglarized and Trashed – READ MORE


Tommy Lee’s dealing with a new break-in at his crib … no sex tape was taken this time, but the suspects did make off with some strange items and left his home looking like a hotel room after a Mötley Crüe party.

Cops alerted the Crüe drummer there had been a break-in at his Calabasas area home last week … according to our L.A. Sheriff’s Dept. sources. Tommy hasn’t been living in this house, he’s actually selling it, but he rushed over to check out the damage once he got wind of the burglary.

LASD says the thief, or thieves, broke glass, lamps and even one of Tommy’s side gates. As for what they stole — just a bathroom mirror and some cabinet handles.

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