L.A. Kings Intro Song by Fred Coury of Cinderella/Arcade

Drummer Fred Coury (Cinderella/Arcade) has combined his love for hockey with his musical skills to create music for the Los Angeles Kings . The series is called ‘Black & White’ and was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2017.

In an interview with LAKings.com, Coury talked about how his relationship with the Kings started.

“I’ve known Luc [Robitaille] since the early 80s. Guys would come to the studio when we were recording and we just got to be friends. [My band] would be playing the same arenas as they were playing. I used to go to all the games back then out here and we struck up a friendship and then fast forward many, many years, to about four years ago. A friend of mine who worked with the Kings played a song for Luc, it was the song “Kings 2007,” and Luc said ‘I love this’ and said, ‘I have an idea about this.’ He always talked about when he stepped on the ice what would make his hair stand up on the back of his neck and get him amped for the game, and it was all music driven. He asked if I would be interested. It all came from Luc.”

The intro song called “Thunder March,” penned by Coury, plays when the Kings are first coming onto the ice. Asked about what kind of reaction the track gets, Coury said:

“That one was a trippy one because when I was writing it, we wanted to keep it orchestral but I wanted it to be heavier that any heavy metal song ever. The difference with the Power Ride song is it’s energetic; it’s powerful as is the Kings theme but this one is darker, it’s more ominous and it kind of has a frown on it. I needed it to be heavy because the way the production staff lights up the arena, its red, it’s dark and that music plays and everybody gets on they feet because they know what’s coming next. I’m happy that one came out the way it did.”