Kuarantine “Silver Spoon” NEW SONG/VIDEO – Chris Jericho, PJ Farley, Charlie Parra, Kent Slucher, Joe McGinness – 2022

Chris Jericho:

Check out the NEW Kuarantine video for our TOP 30 single “Silver Spoon” NOW!

Kuarantine is Chris Jericho, Youtube guitar sensation Charlie Parra, Kent Slucher of Luke Bryan Band, Joe McGinness of Klassik 78, and PJ Farley of Trixter. “I’m pleasantly surprised as to how much attention and buzz Kuarantine has achieved since we released our first song only a few years ago!” shares Jericho.

“Record companies…and groupies… have been sliding into our DMs daily with requests, offers, endorsements, and the question, ‘What’s the next track gonna be?’. Well, the time has come to unleash ‘Silver Spoon’ and turn the rock n roll world into a damn zoo. So let us see all the animals!”

Kuarantine’s version of “Silver Spoon” has even drawn praise from Paul Stanley of KISS, who says, “My favorite song on Hot In The Shade by far. Sounds great…well done!”