Joe Bonamassa Amos Seymour Duncan Pickup Set

Seymour Duncan recently collaborated with guitarist Joe Bonamassa to create the Joe Bonamassa Amos Pickup Set, replicating the pickups in Bonamassa’s legendary 1958 Gibson Flying V.  Careful examination of the original pickups revealed something unique – unusually strong magnetism, which could only be replicated by using Alnico 6 magnets. Although Alnico 6 might seem like an odd choice for a PAF replica, the result is surprisingly warm, clear and powerful – and matches the tone of the originals.


About the pickups, Bonamassa says: “Truth be told, I think it’s the best of the three replica pickup sets I’ve collaborated on with Duncan.”

Each set is built using period-correct butyrate bobbins, maple spacers, and wound on the same historic Leesona winding machine originally used by Gibson in the fifties and sixties, and will be hand-signed by Seymour W. Duncan and Joe Bonamassa.