Jesse Cook Releases Official Video for “Double Dutch” – Listen!

Flamenco-inspired guitarist Jesse Cook released his new official video for “Double Dutch.” The song will appear on Cook’s upcoming album, Beyond Borders, available everywhere September 15th. The video has been embedded above.

Regarding the video, Cook commented: “Somehow I got it into my head that it would be fun to make a video for this new song “Double Dutch” and use real kids skipping. Next thing I know I’m making a video with Heidi and many of her friends, both kids and grown-ups, all of whom are championship level skippers. Apart from being amazing skippers, they were also wonderful, generous people, and we had a blast taking over some unsuspecting schoolyard one warm summer evening. A big thank you to all the skippers, and their parents.

The Skippers:

The Jump Rope Academy
(Kawartha, Toronto):
Heidi Collins
Breagha LaPierre
Brampton Acro Ropers:
Kathleen O’Callaghan
Armaan Walani
Aislyn Marquis
Kayley Marquis
Jennifer Kirkland

Jesse Cook’s Band:
Chendy Leon (percussion)
Nicolas Hernandez (guitar)
Dennis Mohammed (bass)
Chris Church (violin)”