Jason Newsted After His Recent Van Halen Tribute Tour Comments: “That was bad, dude” – 2022

Ultimate Classic Rock: The former Metallica star is unhappy over his published comments about Alex Van Halen’s plans for a Van Halen tribute tour, saying it had made him consider never being interviewed again. Read the entire article @ this location.

In a conversation with 98.7 The Gater (video @ this location), the bassist said:

“That was bad, dude. I’m not happy about that. I’m really, really not happy about that.” He explained he’d only agreed to the controversial interview in order to promote a benefit concert in aid of a kids’ arts charity tonight (Apr. 23).

“We do benefit shows to put paintbrushes and guitars in kids’ hands,” he said. “That’s what I’m doing now.… we do benefits, period, for art programs for kids.

“I agreed to do that interview… to forward the information about the Goldner Conservatory at the Maltz Theatre that’s gonna have classes for kids and do exactly what I said.

So, if I go to talk about that, and I mentioned two little things over here about the calls that I’ve received in the past 20 years from whoever it is… I talked about two seconds about that, and that’s what they chose to go for. They didn’t talk about the conservatory, the kids’ classes, the things that we’re doing.” –READ MORE