Jason Mewes Talks ‘Madness in the Method’ – Jay & Silent Bob

Jason Mewes: “Awesome being on @KTLA 5 News this morning. Watch the Full Interview Below NOOTCH!”

Legendary stoner actor Jason Mewes is tired of Hollywood’s perception of him. Upon advice from his best friend Kevin Smith, Jason seeks out a highly secretive method-acting book, determined to reinvent himself as a serious actor. The problem is, there’s only one copy of the book in existence, currently guarded by the devilishly handsome but somewhat mysterious Fernando Villarreal (Jaime Camil). Luckily Fernando happens to be a huge fan of Jason’s movies and agrees to give him the book free of charge, but he does so with an ominous warning: that this book is unlike any other Jason will ever read. Hollywood better get ready because Jason Mewes is about to show you his dark side.

“Madness in the Method” is in theaters now. #MadnessInTheMethod is also available now On-Demand or Digital Download via Amazon, AppleTV and other retailers.