James Vincent McMorrow on Cancelled Concerts, “I was really disappointed”

James Vincent McMorrow released the following statement regarding the cancellations of his concerts in Minneapolis, Denver and Omaha this week:

“I was really disappointed I had to cancel the shows in US this week. To all those who had tickets I’m so sorry and I hope we can make it up to you soon. I’ve been back in Dublin all week, no time to rest because I’ve had things to take care of, but still it’s been important 2 me to be home for a second. I love this job that I get to do, ultimately I’m just one person with one voice and one mind and I have to make sure everything is balanced and right, otherwise I’m just grinding myself slowly into the ground. People still aren’t very good at talking about mental health, about self care… at least I amn’t! Making True Care was something I had to do, I needed to get that out of me, but 2 records in 1 year in the middle of what was already the busiest time of my life… sometimes my vision for stuff can be so intense that I forget about everything else. I’m so grateful I got to do it this way, and the shows this year so far have been ridiculous, London last week was mind blowing. But it’s been so perfect just being home, going for a run every day in a place where you randomly stumble into herds of deer!! I’m ready to get on a flight on Sunday and get the rest of this year crackin, Phoenix, San Diego, LA, Santa Barbara, San Francisco and Vancouver, then straight to Germany! Thank you for listening to my work, for sharing it. Take care of yourself out there, you have to be the one who makes the calls to step back and regroup when there’s a million things happening and u need to find a breath. J”

McMorrow released his fourth full-length album, True Care, on May 27, 2017. For more info on the release, please visit our previous post, located here.