Howard Stern Bitchslaps Donald Trump for Boasting About Coronavirus Ratings – 2020

Howard Stern slammed Donald Trump for boasting about his Coronavirus ratings. Stern said the reason they are so high are only  “because people are scared shitless.” An excerpt from the bitchslapping can be found below.

Howard Stern:

It’s not your incredible reality TV show that you’re putting on for the country…It’s because we’re in crisis and we’re tuning in to see what the president has to say. We’re looking for leadership, motherfuckers!”

Me yelling about Trump, in my mind, doesn’t do a damn bit of good. It’s not going to get Donald to be a better, compassionate president.”

I can’t change Donald Trump.”

Do you think I’m going to change a man who’s never been introspective? First time I met him, he spoke about himself for an hour, didn’t ask me one question. I mean, that’s Donald. I can’t yell at a turtle to run faster.”

Let me tell you about Donald because I know Donald. He’s really sensitive for himself.”

I can honestly tell you that Donald doesn’t give one shit about public service.”

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