Gus G ‘Speed Demon’ Guitar Pedal Introduced – Overdrive – Distortion – Crazy Tube Circuits


Speed Demon is a powerful overdrive circuit designed in conjunction with Gus G covering his need of creating enormous riffs and supersonic solos.

The saturation circuit has been precision-tuned to add clarity, punch and rich harmonics while compressing specific frequencies so that the guitar sound is tight but without being squashed to ensure that it will cut through the mix.

Speed Demon is designed and built in Athens, Greece by Crazy Tube Circuits.
Features true-bypass and premium audio-grade components for superior sound quality and performance.


Gain : set as a clean boost to wake up a dull amp or as an extra gain stage with your favorite lead amp for soaring solos with high headroom, excellent string-to-string clarity and note definition.

Tone: an active high frequency control circuit gives you limitless tonal tweaking options to enhance your rig. From smooth and warm to aggressive and raw with extra bite.

Volume: set the output volume of Speed Demon

Footswitch: engage your Speed Demon