Guitar / Amp Advice from Joe Bonamassa

full in bloom: Here’s a cool exchange that took place on Twitter between Joe Bonamassa and some of his followers.

What advice would you give an amateur guitarist trying to get better tone from the fingers?

Joe Bonamassa: Back off on your attack and let the guitar bloom more. You will notice a difference right away. Play louder not harder. 😎

I am a relatively new player myself and I have been told the same; to raise the volume on the amp and roll back the volume on the guitar. It lets the tone grow.

Joe Bonamassa:You can achieve more bloom with the volume knob all the way up on the guitar too. Vary your position on your picking hand aka closer to the neck/bridge until you find the place that speaks to you and achieves the sound in your head. 90 percent of your tone comes from you.

Hi Joe is it true your doing truefire guitar courses that would be fantastic.?

Joe Bonamassa:True! 😎

Hey man…I have to live in a house with my family…preventing me from turning a 20-watt amp to “9” to get sweet breakup. Is there an amp I should covet to get a sweet honey tone at a volume that won’t cause divorce? Is the answer pedals? An attenuator with Marshall?

Joe Bonamassa:An amp with a power attenuator is what I use at home. I rarely play loud in the house. The Ox box is a great device and is used exclusively for all Nerdville’s guitar needs.

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