Exodus ‘Bonded by Blood’ Guitar Tablature/Tab Book

Exodus: The Exodus Bonded by Blood Guitar Book is now available for pre-order in the SubLevel Records store! PRE-ORDER NOW to reserve your copy! Books will ship on January 15th.


The Bonded by Blood Guitar Book features guitar tab and notation for all 9 songs from the 1985 Exodus album release. All songs were transcribed note for note from the original recordings by Heathen/Exodus live guitarist Kragen Lum and Ernie Ball’s Match the Master award winner Evan Bradley. Learn how to play the songs exactly as the band plays them with these 100% accurate transcriptions! Presented in 2 guitar format so you can learn to play every riff and solo just as Gary Holt and Rick Hunolt played them on the album. 170 pages. Print Edition.

Songs Included:
Bonded by Blood
And Then There Were None
A Lesson in Violence
Metal Command
No Love
Deliver Us to Evil
Strike of the Beast