Exodus Beer: ‘Bonded By Beer’ – Bonded by Blood

There appears to be another Exodus branded beer coming soon called ‘Bonded By Beer.’  The new beverage takes its name from the band’s most classic album (IMO), Bonded by Blood.

Exodus:  “Hopefully, you can pick up our new Exodus beer– Bonded By Beer.”

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Exodus released their debut studio album, Bonded by Blood, on April 25, 1985. Although the album was completed in the summer of 1984, it was not released until 1985 due to issues with the band’s record label. The album is considered to be one of the most influential thrash metal albums of all-time. It is also the only full-length studio album from Exodus to feature Paul Baloff on vocals, though he was also on their 1982 Demo. Baloff was back in Exodus for five years (from 1997 to his death in 2002), and appeared on their 1997 live album, Another Lesson in Violence. Unfortunately, Baloff suffered a stroke in 2002 which left him in a coma. He later died of heart failure while still on life support. He was 41 years old.