Ex-Sonic Youth Guitarist Lee Ranaldo to Release ‘Electric Trim’ – Details – 2017 Tour Dates

Former Sonic Youth guitarist Lee Ranaldo revealed the details of his brand new album, Electric Trim, available ‎September 15, 2017 via Mute Records.‎
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The nine-track album marks a return to the Mute family for Ranaldo, “I’m so excited ‎about this record, it represents new developments and directions for me and I can’t wait ‎to hit the road and play this music live. I’m also so pleased to partner with Mute for this ‎release – it’s like a homecoming of sorts as Sonic Youth’s early records were released ‎on Blast First / Mute. To me Mute has always been a true artist’s label, concentrating ‎first and foremost on the music. I can’t wait for everyone to hear this music.”‎

Electric Trim was recorded in New York City and Barcelona in collaboration with producer Raül ‘Refree’ Fernandez ‎and extends the work of Ranaldo’s solo canon, the most recent being his ‎‎2013 album, Last Night On Earth.‎
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Through his collaboration with Fernandez, Ranaldo moves into some rich new sonic territories and ‎production techniques, experimenting with electronic beats and samples alongside live players.‎

You can now listen to the first single, ‘Circular (Right As Rain)’, via the embedded clip above.

Ranaldo is a co-founder of Sonic Youth, a visual artist, producer and writer. In addition to ‎Fernandez, he worked with several special guests on Electric Trim, including Sharon Van Etten who sings on six of the tracks and duets on ‘Last Looks’ and Kid Millions ‎(aka Man Forever) as well as longtime friend and collaborator Nels Cline (Wilco). The album also ‎features Ranaldo’s band The Dust (w/ fellow Sonic Youth member Steve Shelley, guitarist Alan Licht, and bassist Tim Lüntzel).‎
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Ranaldo collaborated with award winning New York author Jonathan Lethem (Motherless ‎Brooklyn / The Fortress of Solitude) for lyrics on six of the songs and the American artist, Richard ‎Prince, who previously painted the sleeve for Sonic Youth’s 2004 album Sonic Nurse, created the ‎artwork for the album.‎


Moroccan Mountains
Uncle Skeleton
Let’s Start Again
Last Looks (with Sharon Van Etten)‎
Circular (Right As Rain)‎
Electric Trim
Thrown Over The Wall
New Thing
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Lee Ranaldo – vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, keyboards, electronics, drums, marimba
Raül Refree – acoustic & electric guitars, keyboards, electronics and programming, bass, drums, ‎backing vocals
Sharon Van Etten – vocals
Alan Licht – electric guitar
Tim Luntzel – bajo
Nels Cline – electric guitar
Steve Shelley – drums
Kid Millions – drums
Xavi de la Salud – trumpets and flugelhorns
Cody Ranaldo – electronics
Mar Girona – backing vocals
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‎13 June – The Broadberry, Richmond, VA
‎15 June – 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA‎
‎17 June – Saturn, Birmingham, AL
‎18 June – Gasa Gasa, New Orleans, LA
‎19 June – White Oak Music Hall, Houston, TX
‎20 June – Sons of Hermann Hall, Dallas, TX
‎21 June – The North Door, Austin, TX
‎23 June – Proud Larry’s, Oxford, MS
‎24 June – The Anchor Fellowship, Nashville, TN