Ex-Megadeth’s David Ellefson Pays Tribute to Radio Executive Steve Smith – 2022 – Consultant/Programmer

David Ellefson:

I just want to take a moment to pay respects to Steve Smith, who was the executive producer and dear friend to me and my band F5 as we put together our 2005 debut album “A Drug for All Seasons”. Steve opened up his home and million-dollar studio for us to not only cut the tracks but worked closely with us on refining our sound and our songs.

In his day job as a senior vice president for Clear Channel Radio in those days, he worked with the biggest of the big in our industry, including JAY-Z Ryan Seacrest as well as the top brass of Sony Music Entertainment Universal Music Group and so many more positioning their artists for top level success in radio. He later went on to program for iHeartRadio, Cox radio and many more.

Steve also reconnected me with producer/engineer Ryan Greene, who was at the helm for producing the F5 record, but who also engineered the first round of Megadeth demos for the “Countdown to Extinction” album in 1991 at EMI Studios in Hollywood. I later brought Ryan in to mix the Megadeth “20th Anniversary Rust in Peace” live DVD in 2010 as well.

Steve’s impact in our industry, as well as the songs that we listen to on the radio today will live on forever as he will be sorely missed. Condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. Rest in Peace, my friend….