Eric Carr’s Ex Carrie Stevens Slams Paul Stanley, Says He “Is Jealous Of His Dead Drummer”

Carrie Stevens: I’m going to take a poll: if Paul Stanley of KISS slandered you would you sue him or would you think you’re too small to fight the Kiss machine? I’m too small to fight but the world sees you Paul, “insecure fag who is jealous of his dead drummer.”

“Please do not buy his book to find out this information, you can easily find it on YouTube. I did not mean to hear it. YouTube figures out what you’re interested in and it just played. I would not waste my money on the book.

“The liar also refers to me as a playmate when in fact I was only 18 years old when I met Eric & 22 years old when he died. I did not become a playmate until my 28th birthday, so everything Paul Stanley says is for publicity. Nothing authentic. Heartless freak.

“It’s in his book, he actually said that I tampered with Eric’s dead body that I took his drumsticks out of his hands! I have witnesses. I did not disrupt Eric’s body! Paul took the most painful moment of my life and tried to monetize it.”