Eddie Van Halen & Ted Templeman Produce Private Life – 2022 – VIDEO – This Day in Rock History

Van Halen History:

This Day in VH 11/2/1989: Eddie Van Halen records with Private Life.

Greg Renoff: Front row, L-R
🔈Engineer Jeff Hendrickson
🔈Ted Templeman
🔈Eddie Van Halen


Jennifer Blakeman started her professional musical career playing in bands around Shreveport, Louisiana while in college, with an eye to pursue a career as a session musician and entertainment attorney. After coming to the attention of Eddie Van Halen who enlisted her to help create a unique signature keyboard sound for him, she spent several years working closely with him programming his keyboards, most notably for the Van Halen OU812 album.

As an early member of the band Private Life, a hard rock formation produced by both Ted Templeman and Eddie Van Halen, she co-wrote, recorded and released two albums with this band, Shadows (1988) and Private Life (1990) through Warner Brothers Records. Later Blakeman worked as a touring keyboardist and backing vocalist for British rock artist Billy Idol, the Australian pop rock band Savage Garden (most notably on the Affirmation album), British pop artist Billie Myers, American singer David Cassidy, and many other artists.

Her compositions and recordings can be heard in films including Wayne’s World, Gremlins and Superstars and Cannonballs.