Eddie Trunk After Santa Cruz Vocalist Lets Backing Track Do All The Work: “This is how bad its become” – 2022 – VIDEO

Eddie Trunk:

I have long railed against the epidemic of bands using tracks live. And how fans & promoters just accept “live” acts & paying to see a band “live” and it’s anything but. This is how bad its become. Everyone okay with this?! Unreal!

“Truly amazing that we are in a world now where to some believing a LIVE rock show should be actually LIVE is a controversial opinion. Have that argument with the many artists that do actually pride themselves on delivering live and putting the work in. Unreal

“One last thing on the tracks issue. I have never had a problem with a band having a keyboard/orchestra part on track for a song because they don’t want to carry an extra player. HUGE difference between that & Vox/instruments, whole show/song, on a laptop!

Santa Cruz Singer Archie Cruz’s Message to Eddie Trunk

Watch the video below. The fun begins around the 25-second mark.