Drum Legends Charlie Benante & Mike Portnoy Bitchslap Blabbermouth

Charlie Benante: Hahahahaha, here we go again! I never slammed him – more Clickbaiting here -you read what you want . I think Pence is doing a Good job of things and I hope we get through this . It just made me wonder why He didn’t have an answer , shouldn’t everyone think that? More tests!

Mike Portnoy:

Blabbermouth isn’t going to have any content now that every band is coming off the road…so now they need to start to stir up shit with political click-bait… Hopefully they will be the lucky winners of the coronavirus and go away

Charlie Benante:

I’d Love to have the Blabbers come to an event and see them in person. We can discuss why they feel they can just have a go at any of us ? Now please be quiet and go back to playing your drums and don’t have an opinion

Mike Portnoy:

Honestly, all of us musicians that HATE BM (Bowel Movement) should figure out a way to take them down…they are a disgrace and simply pure evil