Devin Townsend, “Back At Work After A Head Clearing Break” – ‘Empath’

Devin Townsend:  Back at work after a head clearing break. Hearing Empath objectively, I hear all the change and chaos of mid life and a career shift, and I get it now in ways that we’re unclear before. It’s intense and chaotic in very clear ways.

I’m so glad it’s almost over, and I’m so thankful I had the balls to pursue it. I’d like to thank the audience for the understanding and the patience during it all as I figured this phase out.

I really really look forward to getting back out there and playing, and sinking into who I am and who I’ve become instead of who I think people want me to be.

I have so much music in my head. I’m thankful for this clear perspective. Vacations should be mandatory for neurotic artists 🙂

Thanks again for the support. I love doing this.