Devendra Banhart – “Taking a Page” New Song/Album ‘Ma’ 2019

Devendra Banhart: Excited to share my new song “Taking a Page” from my forthcoming album Ma. I want to thank Carole King for allowing me to lift a line and melody from her beloved 1971 classic “So Far Away.” I’m not sure what it is about, at least I’m not sure of how to synthesize it into something pithy. I definitely know it’s about how much I can’t stand car chases and those long drawn out guitar solos (though I’ve certainly been guilty of plenty of em!). I do remember the night Trump won – the shock and fear. I instinctively reached for a Carole King album. I knew it would help. I knew it would come in handy… and it did. Still does. I’m so glad Carole got to hear it. It’s really just a song about my entire life. I can’t explain it much beyond that.

Ma is out everywhere via Nonesuch on September 13th. Order it and watch the lyric video below: