Dee Snider on Hanson’s ‘Middle of Nowhere’ Album that Featured “MMMbop”: It is a GREAT RECORD – 2022

Dee Snider:

I MUST CONFESS…I downloaded Hanson’s “MMMbop” (guilty pleasure) & accidently bought the entire “Middle of Nowhere” album it is from. I listened. It’s not metal…but it is a GREAT RECORD. I was stunned. They were kids! Not that they care, but bravo Hanson!

I’m sure I dismissed them because they were “cute kids”, too. One of these days I’ll apologize to them. But looking them up online, they seem to be doing just fine.

Truth is I’ve had people say the same about my band many times! ‘I only knew your hit. Didn’t realize you guys were really a great band/had other great songs!’

A lot of it has a real R&B influence. Taylor Hanson is giving young Michael Jackson a run for his money on that record.


Middle of Nowhere reached number two on the Billboard 200, being kept out of the top spot by the Spice Girls’ Spice. The album also reached number one in the UK, Australia, Germany, and Taiwan.

Total sales worldwide are 10 million copies. The album sold just under 4 million in the US (4 times platinum) and over 400,000 copies in UK.