David Lee Roth on the Eddie Van Halen Rolling Stone Article: “I said that Ed was culturally illiterate” – 2022

Van Halen News Desk:

We just received another exclusive message from Dave! He wants to clear up a couple of things…

1. I’ve always loved AC/DC.

2. I never said that anyone’s audience was culturally illiterate.

I said that Ed was culturally illiterate.

God Bless our Troops..


From the Van Halen News Desk

David Lee Roth’s comments are in response to the recent Rolling Stone article:

Roth, he explains, only wants to be onstage doing his “Vaudeville shtick!!” He then says that “Roth is out of his mind” and not at all interested in rock & roll, which makes recording new music a near impossibility. He says Roth only likes “dance music” and “hates bands like AC/DC,” adding that Roth calls that band’s fans “culturally illiterate.” –READ MORE

You can read more from the Rolling Stone article on full in bloom @ this location.