Creed/Alter Bridge Guitarist Mark Tremonti on His NEW Frank Sinatra Album, “I didn’t know if my fans would appreciate it or not”- 2022 – Interview

Ultimate Classic Rock: Why Mark Tremonti Recorded A Frank Sinatra Album For Charity – You can read the entire interview @ this location.


How did you decide to take a shot at recording a full album of Frank Sinatra songs?
The funny thing is, my manager Tim Tournier, when I told him I wanted to do something with this project – I think I was talking about it for a year or two before this project happened. There was really no place for it. I didn’t know if my fans would appreciate it or not, but I wanted to do it so bad because I was just so into it. I just didn’t know how I was going to do it. Tim told me his guitar teacher was Dan McIntyre, one of Frank Sinatra’s touring guitar players. What a strange coincidence it was for him to be able to get in touch with all of the guys. So he was the one who connected us with Mike Smith. But this was after, you know, I’d been talking to Tim for a while about the Sinatra thing. Like I said, we didn’t know if there was a place for it anywhere but you know, some things happen for a reason. You might believe that or not, but when me and my wife went to the doctor’s office and got the diagnosis that our daughter had Down Syndrome, it almost immediately told me, “That’s why I’ve been chasing this down. I’m going to do this Sinatra record, I’m going to do it for charity and raise money for Down Syndrome awareness and help these folks out that are in the same situation.” From there, you know, he just got the wheels turning. I was like, “You know what, I want to start an organization called Take a Chance for Charity. This Sinatra thing is something that nobody’s going to see coming. I’m going to take that and use it as a platform to ask other people to do the same thing. Let’s do something that nobody would see coming.” –READ MORE