Carly Simon ‘Touched by the Sun’ Book Sweepstakes – Jackie Kennedy

Carly Simon:  Dear friends and potential readers,

In celebration of the publication of my new book written about Jackie Kennedy and the ten years of our friendship, I am teaming up with my publisher, FSG for a series of sweepstakes. There will be limited editions of various and sundry articles of mine such as signed photos, albums, first copies of things and an occasional teddy bear from my childhood. The sharing of these prizes will happen every week until the book comes out.
I hope you participate and have something you want to come your way.

First up is a framed signed poster made from the Touched by the Sun book cover. I don’t know exactly what that means but I know it’s going to keep my publishers up late at night asking me to sign something large and poster sized.

Enter to win today at this location.