Breaking Bad Props Go Up for Auction

The auction website Screen Bid announced on Friday it has secured the rights to auction off a handful of props later this month from the highly successful AMC television drama Breaking Bad. The auction is set to begin September 29th, the day the series finale runs. Up for auction are the rundown cars driven by both lead characters, Walter and Skyler White, as well as the hazmat suit Walt wore when he cooked methamphetamine. More expensive items include the wheelchair that belonged to villain Hector “Tio” Salamanca, as well as the bell he rang to communicate. In its 5th season, AMC’s Breaking Bad is one of the most successful cable TV shows of all time. The show has averaged more than 5.2 million viewers per episode in its current, final season, breaking a record for cable viewership in the most recent episode Sunday night with 6.4 million viewers.