Black Sabbath ‘Headless Cross’ Poster Promoting Bristol Concert w/ Guest Ian Gillan – September 11, 1989 – Tony Martin, Tony Iommi, Neil Murray, Cozy Powell, Geoff Nicholls – AUDIO/VIDEO

Emerald Sabbath:

BLACK SABBATH-HEADLESS CROSS POSTER. This poster promoting the Sept 11th concert in Bristol in which Ian Gillan was a guest onstage and what a wicked evening..It has seen better days but it’s not going nowhere..Look at the ticket prices..You would not get a beer for that these days.


INTRO TAPE: The Gates of Hell
Headless Cross
Neon Knights
Children of the Sea
Guitar Solo
Die Young
When Death Calls
War Pigs
The Shining
The Mob Rules
Black Sabbath
Devil & Daughter
Iron Man
Children of the Grave
Heaven and Hell

Smoke on the Water
(Deep Purple cover) (with Ian Gillan)

Black Sabbath Bristol UK Sept 11, 1989 – Tony martin is joined on stage with Ian Gillan to sing “Smoke on the Water” – Also features Neil Murray, Cozy Powell, and Geoff Nicholls.