Armored Saint: WATCH The Movie Trailer 2020 – VIDEO – Documentary

Brian Slagel: Armored Saint: The Movie Teaser Trailer 2020

This is the Story of Armored Saint a band of brothers that created their own unique sound and image in the 1980’s Los Angeles Rock and Metal Scene.

The story is told by the band:

John Bush – Lead Vocals
Gonzo Sandoval – Drums
Joey Vera – Bass
Philip Sandoval – Guitars
Jeff Duncan – Guitars
Dave Pritchard – Guitars

With a host of music industry legends including:

James Hetfield – Metallica
Lars Ulrich – Metallica
Scott Ian – Anthrax
Brian Slagel – Metal Blade Records
Cliff Bernstein – Q-Prime Management
Max Norman – Producer
Bill Metoyer – Engineer / Producer
John Kornarens – Music Video Director
John Sutherland – Friend
Bob Nalbandian – Headbanger Friend
Tracy Vera – Metal Blade Records
Mike Faley – Metal Blade Records
Zach Harmen – Metallica / Armored Saint Tech
And many other family and friends.