Anthrax’s Scott Ian on Hair Plugs: “That’d be the worst, dumbest, lamest thing ever” – 2022 – FAN INTERVIEW

Metal Hammer:

Hair plugs, cancel culture and the song he refused to play on: you ask the questions, Anthrax riff king Scott Ian answers them.

You can read the entire feature @ this location. An excerpt from the interview has been provided below.


If S.O.D. released Speak English Or Die today, would you be cancelled? Valerie Ellison (email)

“If it had never existed in 1985 and we tried to put that out today, no matter how hard we tried to explain the joke, yes, certain sections of people would cancel it. It’d have a much harder time now. We didn’t have internet back then! If people don’t know, Sargent D is a character I created because I wanted to try and make a comic book. I didn’t know how to write a comic book, so I wrote songs about this character who’s dead! He’s unliving and hates anything alive. We explained it a few times in interviews back then, but either people want to hear it, or they don’t.”

Will you ever re-record John Bush-era songs with Joey? Or the Neil Turbin ones? @dsjanasiak (Twitter)

“Well, Joey did re-record the [original Anthrax singer] Neil Turbin ones when he first joined the band. If you go back to the Armed And Dangerous EP, Joey sings Metal Thrashing Mad and Panic. But I don’t know that we would do any more re-recording. Of course, playing live, the opportunity is always there for us to play anything from our catalogue. We’re going out in the States soon, and people might be pleasantly surprised at the setlist. I’ll just leave it at that!”

When was the last time you were properly star-struck? Hazel Thorp (Facebook)

“In 2001, there was the concert for 9/11 at Madison Square Garden, and Jon Bon Jovi introduced me to Paul McCartney. I shook hands with him for a solid minute, because while he was still shaking my hand, Jon introduced him to Lonn Friend, who used to run Rip Magazine, and the whole time he was saying hi to Lonn, he never let go of my hand. I wasn’t going to let go of his hand – it was fucking Paul McCartney!”

From one bald dude to another, ever considered hair plugs? @raw_tom (Twitter)

“Ha ha ha! If you truly are a bald dude, you’d never consider hair plugs. God, fuck no! That’d be the worst, dumbest, lamest thing ever. On every level, no.”

Anthrax’s new live album/Blu-Ray, XL, is out now via Nuclear Blast. Their UK tour begins on September 27th.

You can read the entire feature @ this location.