Annihilator Pre-Sales Top Charts ‘For the Demented’ + “One To Kill” – Order, Stream, Buy

Annihilator’s new album, For the Demented, is the #1 & #3 best seller in the metal category on Amazon. In Germany, the cd edition is #1, while vinyl is #3….and the album hasn’t even been released (November 3rd).


“Thanks Germany for the incredible pre-sales… you’ve already made this one a success 🙂 Never would have thought, a few years ago, that quoting any kind of internet sales (though they are actual cd sales) would be this exciting :)”

Annihilator will release their sixteenth studio album, For The Demented, tomorrow, November 3, 2017. It is the first studio album with bassist Rich Hinks, who co-produced, co-engineered and co-wrote the album, and drummer Fabio Alessandrini. Annihilator mainman Jeff Waters said it was the “first time I’ve actually had somebody else in the studio since 1990 (Never, Neverland).”

1. Twisted Lobotomy 04:44
2. One to Kill 04:43
3. For the Demented 05:22
4. Pieces of You 06:10
5. The Demon You Know 04:43
6. Phantom Asylum 06:14
7. Altering the Alter 05:05
8. The Way 03:18
9. Dark 02:09
10. Not All There 05:42
Total: 48:10