Annihilator – New Album Update from Jeff Waters

Annihilator’s Jeff Waters issued the following update on how the new album is coming along:

“So… the new studio cd. Picture Never, Neverland with some Alice In Hell… add faster stuff without losing the weird and crazy melodic stuff from those cds… add some Brain Dance and some more technical and more difficult-to-play stuff… subtract some of the more commercial choruses I did on the recent Suicide Society record and add a more original vocal style on it
The next (16th) studio cd from ANNIHILATOR.
Always feel great about a new cd cause it’s a ton of work… and it’s your “baby”… but this one feels different. Let’s see!!”

On January 27, 2017 Annihilator released the box set Triple Threat.  It consists of a studio album solely featuring acoustic versions of many of the band’s songs from over the years, a live CD featuring their set from the “Bang Your Head!!!” festival in 2016 and special editions feature a live DVD or Blu-ray.