Tony Iommi Monkey ’64 Gibson Guitar SG Special Replica

Tony Iommi: Tony Iommi Monkey ’64 Gibson Guitar SG Special Replica

It certainly became a classic, once I used it, I never went back to any other guitar. It was on the first four albums. You put yourself into it to make it what you want, so that was really special.

Tony Iommi’s iconic riffs, heavy tones and massively-influential albums created the blueprint for heavy metal and many other genres to follow. His career, like the man himself, is universally loved and revered. And while his innovative tuning and playing styles were a major part of his monstrous tones, a Gibson SG named “Monkey” was at the center of it all. This heavily-modified 1964 SG Special was used extensively with the original lineup of Black Sabbath, heard on every album and tour of the 1970s.

No detail was overlooked in the construction and aging, telling the complete story of the “Monkey” from the zero fret to the stop tailpiece bushings to the legendary pickups, which were hand-made in the UK by the apprentice of the late John Birch. Each guitar includes an exclusive replica of Tony’s silver cross necklace with a coffin case, a replica of Tony’s leather touring guitar strap, a 1960s replica case and a Certificate of Authenticity.