Primus “The Ends?” Premiere – New Album The Desaturating Seven Out Sept. 29th

Primus – The Desaturating Seven
Release Date: 9/29/17

With only one day remaining until the release of the new Primus album, The Desaturating Seven, Les Claypool’s alter ego Christopher P. Bacon reads the final excerpt from the rainbow goblin-filled children’s book that inspired the record.   Once the reading ends, Primus debuts a new track called “The Ends?,” the final track on the album (located above).

“This record hearkens back to our prog roots; Rush, Yes, King Crimson…heavier and more intricate than anything we’ve done in a while”

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On drawing inspiration from “The Rainbow Goblins” by Ul De Rico:

The dark imagery and beauty of the art struck me immediately and I thought, ‘this would make good fodder for a piece of music.’ The use of color and darkness both in the paintings and the writing was compelling and now, near two decades later, the metaphor of greed, gluttony and deceit vs unity of the masses is eerily relevant. I brought the notion to the Primus guys and they were all for it. Plus, I figured it’s about time someone brought ‘Goblin Rock’ back to the fold.” -Les Claypool

1. The Valley
2. The Seven
3. The Trek
4. The Scheme
5. The Dream
6. The Storm
7. The Ends?

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