Neil Young’s Catalog will be Available for Streaming Again

After pulling his catalog from streaming services in 2015, saying “streaming sucks, streaming is the worst audio in history,” Neil Young will soon make his entire catalog available for online streaming via his website The new platform will allow for higher resolution streaming and will include an interactive timeline that will continually update as more songs are uploaded.

In a letter on the Neil Young Archives website, Young explains:

“I must admit that I built this for myself as much as for everyone else,” Young writes.

“Every single, recorded track or album I have produced is represented.”

“It is always current. You can browse the music I made between today’s date and 1963, when I made my first recording in Canada and it was released as a 45 RPM single.”

The first addition to the new website will be Hitchhiker, a previously unreleased album by Young featuring 10 never-before-heard acoustic songs.

No word on when the archive site will officially launch, but it does state that it will be “opening soon.”

To read more about Young’s streaming service Xstream, please visit our previous post, located here.


1. Pocahontas
2. Powderfinger
3. Captain Kennedy
4. Hawaii
5. Give Me Strength
6. Ride My Llama
7. Hitchhiker
8. Campaigner
9. Human Highway
10. The Old Country Waltz