Los Lobos & Ex-Grupo Fantasma Members to Score Short Film, Drift

A Texas-based short film is pulling out all the stops when it comes to crafting a memorable soundtrack. Based on a novel by Manuel Luis Martinez, Drift will feature the musical talents of both Steve Berlin (Los Lobos) and Adrian Queseda (Grupo Fantasma, Brown Sabbath). The film, about a Hispanic teenager’s moral decline as he obsessively struggles to repair his broken family, is expected to include both old and new musical works from the two artists.

Queseda is no stranger to composing music for film and television, having provided music for documentaries (The Least of These), shorts (Made in Texas) and several National Geographic specials. Berlin’s music production work has featured such artists as Sheryl Crow, REM, Willie Nelson, and Faith no More. The film will also include musical works from Texas rocker Nina Diaz (Girl in a Coma), who has a starring role as well.

(L-R) Director Librado Lozano, Producer Raymond Carter Cantrell & Director of Photography Chuck Hatcher

Director Librado Lozano recently spoke with fullinbloom.com, “I’ve known Steve and Adrian for years and asked each of them if they would be willing to contribute a song. After they saw the script they were both excited to offer their help in finding just the right music for the film.”

Drift is currently in post-production with plans for a 2018 release.

About the Movie (taken from the Drift Official Website)

At sixteen, Robert Lomos has lost his family.
His father, a Latin jazz musician, has left San Antonio for life on the road as a cool-hand playboy.

His mother, shattered by a complete emotional and psychological breakdown, has moved to Los Angeles and taken Robert’s little brother with her.

Only his iron-willed grandmother, worn down by years of hard work, is left. But Robert’s got a plan: Duck trouble, save his money, and head to California to put the family back together. Trouble is, no one believes a delinquent Mexican American kid has a chance―least of all, Robert himself.”