Liza Anne on Conan 2018

Liza Anne was the featured musical guest on Conan last night (2/6).  The singer is currently promoting her upcoming third studio album, Fine But Dying, available worldwide on March 9, 2018.  Watch her perform the song “Paranoia” via the embedded clip below.

“Growing up, people would always say I was too happy to be depressed, or too social to have anxiety,” says Liza Anne Odachowski, the critically acclaimed songwriter better known these days by her stage name Liza Anne. “In their eyes, because I was one thing, I couldn’t also be something else. I think we all exist in duality, though. I can be everything and nothing all at once.”

Duality is at the core of Liza Anne’s arresting new album, Fine But Dying, her debut release for indie powerhouse label Arts & Crafts. Synthesizing the elegant sincerity of Angel Olsen with the wry lyricism of Courtney Barnett and the unapologetic candor of Feist, the music is both tough and vulnerable, bold and withdrawn, a helping hand and a middle finger. Firing on all cylinders with distorted alt-rock guitars and explosive drums one minute, hushed and delicate the next, it’s an eclectic collection that reflects the messy complications of growing up in the modern age, as the 23-year-old grapples with the fallout of falling in love, reckons with the patriarchy, and stares down the panic disorder she refuses to let define her. Fine But Dying is the sound of an artist taking total control of her life and her art, a proud misfit crafting an aggressively infectious kiss-off to an industry (and a society) that’s tried to box her in from day one.

Liza Anne 2018 Tour Dates


Mar 1: London England
Mar 7: Memphis TN
Mar 8: New Orleans LA
Mar 9: Mobile AL
Mar 10: Jackson MS
Mar 12-17: Austin TX – SXSW
Mar 20: Los Angeles CA
Mar 23: San Francisco CA
Mar 28: Portland OR
Mar 30: Seattle WA
Mar 31: Vancouver BC
Apr 3: Salt Lake City UT
Apr 5: Denver CO
Apr 7: Kansas City MO
Apr 8: St. Louis MO
Apr 19: Nashville TN
Apr 21: Atlanta GA
Apr 23: Columbus OH
Apr 24: Indianapolis IN
Apr 26: Minneapolis MN
Apr 27: Madison WI
Apr 28: Chicago IL
Apr 30: Detroit MI
May 2: Toronto ON
May 4: Boston MA
May 5: Philadelphia PA
May 6: Washington DC
May 9: New York NY