Iron Maiden’s Nicko McBrain Schedules Paiste ‘Treasure’ Cymbal In-Store Opportunity @ Drum One

Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain will be stopping by Drum One in Manchester on Saturday 21st April 2018 to personally present and demonstrate his fabulous Paiste ‘Treasures’ cymbal set. He will be joined on the day by Kelly Paiste herself and one of the Paiste cymbal smiths from Switzerland.

The ‘Treasures’ set is a limited edition run of 83 sets to commemorate the year Nicko joined Iron Maiden. Not only can you get your hands on a set at Drum One but on April 21st you can buy them from the man himself.

The ‘Treasures’ set of Signature cymbals consists of 14” Heavy Hi Hats, 15”, 16” 18”, 19”, 20” and 22” Heavy Full Crashes, 22” Bell Ride, 22” Heavy China, Signature 20” Fast Medium, RUDE 17” Crash / Ride and a Formula 602 Heavy Bell. All of the cymbals are etched in The Book Of Souls Mayan Theme.

To make this event as accessible as possible for all customers wherever you live we are offering a significant discount for all sets ordered and paid for on the day. Any customer that orders and pays for the cymbal set on the day will get an instant discount of £2,000 (approx. $2,770US) off the published list price to both celebrate the event and to contribute to any travel costs.

If you are traveling from overseas with an interest in the ‘Treasures’ set please email stating which of the two presentations you would like to attend and we will ensure that there is a place for you.

Normal list price for the Treasures set is £11,599.00 (approx. $16,067US) including VAT, but on the day they will be priced at £9,599.00 (approx. $13,297US) including VAT.

Nicko will make two presentations on the day at 12pm and 3pm.

Nicko McBrain’s DRUM ONE
Astra Business Park
Guinness Rd, Stretford, Manchester M17 1SQ