How Old Is Mötley Crüe Guitarist Mick Mars?

The excerpt below was taken from a full in bloom interview with the first official photographer to have full access to Mötley Crüe, Don Adkins. You can read the entire Mötley Crüe segment @ this location.

full in bloom: How old were the guys in Mötley Crüe at that time?

Don Adkins: I think Vince and Nikki were around 21 or 22, Tommy was 18, and Mick, who had already been in bands for a long time, was somewhere around 40.

full in bloom: Do what?…..Mick was 40 in 1981 / 1982?

Don: Yeah.

full in bloom: I knew he was older, but I thought he was probably around 30 when Motley Crue started to make it.

Don: No. He was 40-ish.

full in bloom: Almost 40 or over 40?

Don: He was over 40. You won’t get anybody to admit that, but you can probably do some research and find out. He’s really that old.

full in bloom: That’s amazing.

Don: Yeah.

full in bloom: He seems like a really cool, laid back, quiet guy. What was he like?

Don: Yes. He was more inward. He had a very interesting, seasoned way of talking. He was not as talkative as the rest of the guys, but you listened more when he talked. Nikki or Vince would go, “Oh, that’s rad, dude,” and Mick would just go, “That’s maniacal” (laughs).

If Don is right, Mick would be over 80 years old. Hard to imagine.

Here’s an excerpt from an interview Alice Cooper did with the Chicago Tribune in 1987:

I think a lot of people still have to be exposed to Alice,” Cooper, 39, explained. ”As far as I`m concerned, I have to treat everything now like a new career. Everything that happened before `Constrictor` was another era; `Constrictor` was the first one for this generation.

”I`m finding it`s really not that hard to do, either. When people come to a concert, they walk out believers. The hard thing is to get them there; they figure that `this guy`s been around for 17 years` or something like that, like I`m too old. It`s funny, because you have bands out there posing as 22-year-olds who aren`t; I mean, (Motley Crue guitarist) Mick Mars is 37-that`s just two years younger than I am.”

If Alice is right, Mick would be 70 years old, which seems a bit more reasonable.