Hottest Real Estate Markets in the Country, February 2017, Colorado Springs, Denver

Homes are selling 5% faster compared to a year ago, while home prices remain at record highs.

“Spring has arrived early this year, at least in terms of the rapid decline in the age of inventory,” Jonathan Smoke of said. “Strong off-season demand powered new seasonal highs in prices and left us with a new low in available homes for sale. Potential sellers take note: This year is shaping up to favor you even more than last year.”

Inventory remains to be an issue, double-digit declines in for-sale housing inventory

The median list price remains steady at $250,000, a good indicator of a strengthening housing market. The median price is up nearly 10% from a year ago. If the median price continues its trend, it would be a record for February.

Top 20 Hottest Housing Markets

1 Vallejo, CA
2 San Francisco, CA
3 Dallas, TX
4 Denver, CO
5 San Jose, CA
6 San Diego, CA
7 Sacramento, CA
8 Stockton, CA
9 Colorado Springs, CO
10 Yuba City, CA
11 Modesto, CA
12 Midland, TX
13 Detroit, MI
14 Oxnard, CA
15 Fresno, CA
16 Columbus, OH
17 Boulder, CO
18 Boston, MA
19 Santa Rosa, CA
20 Los Angeles, CA